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We have specially resourced provision for children of different ages and stages.

The visual environment along with resources and staff are matched to the needs of the age of the child in each room.


Check out our different rooms...


Outside play

We have a beautiful large outdoor play area where as well as planned activities, the children can choose whether they wish to run around, climb and play, or to sit quietly, reading, painting, playing, building or colouring.


We also have a play house, sand and water trays, hoops, bikes and scooters, prams, balls, tunnels and chalkboards to name a few. Our roof-terrace provides a great learning and investigating experience for pre-school, through growing plants, vegetables and herbs.


Children are encouraged to play and explore this area. Other play opportunities are sand and water play, painting and drawing. Our children play and learn outside daily throughout the year. In summer the children are protected by the shade, lots of sun cream is applied regularly and sun hats are worn. In wet weather the children have waterproofs, umbrellas and wellies.



Our security camera systems prevent any unauthorised person from entering the building, our outside areas are protected by high security fencing and all visitors are accompanied by a member of staff at all times. On our enrolment forms we ask you to provide details as to exactly who is allowed to collect your child from nursery.


We will only ever release your child to the people named on the enrolment form. If you wish your child to be collected by someone else we have a password system for this. On the enrolment form we ask to provide a memorable password, if you give this password to the people to wish to collect your child and advise us before the event of their name and a brief description of them then we can allow them to collect your child. If we are at all unhappy with the collection arrangements, the person will not be allowed into the building, and your child will not be handed over until we have spoken to you.


Give us a call:

01204 521 507

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