‘We feel that our child has come on in leaps and bounds and she certainly loves her days in nursery,
she dances her way in every time’

Guardian of Child B

Dinky Feet - Toddlers

This room is a large, bright and airy space for toddlers up until we feel they are ready to go upstairs to pre-school. At Little Feet we move the children up on ability rather than age.

​In this room we have 4 members of staff, Katie O our qualified level 3 nursery nurse is room leader and is joined by Shannon and Courtney who are also level 3 qualified. In the room is also Georgia who is level 2 qualified.

As messy play is such an integral part of a child’s development, dinky feet have constant access to the messy room where activities such as playdough, sand, water, messy play and crafts take place. During food and sleep time this room is thoroughly cleaned and the children will eat their snacks, breakfast, lunch and tea in this room.

After dinner, sleep mats and duvets are put out and children are given about 1- 1 hour 30 mins nap time, depending on the child’s or parents’ wishes.