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Healthy Eating at Little Feet

Little Feet we take the business of food and nutrition very seriously indeed. Healthy eating and physical activity are essential for proper growth and development in childhood.

Growing children need plenty of energy and nutrients to ensure they grow and develop well. Encouraging children to eat healthily does not mean denying them food they enjoy. Healthy eating is about getting a varied, balanced diet and enjoying lots of different foods. Meal and snack times are a social occasion and all the children will sit down together for their snacks and meals. Children take part in serving meals, snacks and drinks. We have our own cook who prepares home cooked meals every day. The children receive a balanced and varied diet and as far as possible additive free.

At Little Feet we offer a diverse range of food and we are happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements or religious needs and a vegetarian alternative is available at all meal times.

Water is available throughout the day and milk and juice are available at snack times. Little feet have teamed up with McQueen’s Dairies to supply milk daily to all the children in tiny, dinky and big feet.


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