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Children are born ready, able and eager to learn. We will provide a warm loving environment, with stimulating resources and rich learning opportunities through play and playful teaching.

We understand that both for parents and children, starting nursery for the first time can sometimes be a difficult transition period. To make your child's entry into nursery as fun
and calm as possible we have a gradual admission process which allows your child to come into nursery with or without yourself for two 2-hour sessions. This allows the child to experience all nursery has to offer, to feel comfortable with the staff and begin to make some new friends.
These gradual admissions sessions are important as they allow the staff to gain a picture of what your child is able to do, how they learn and what they like to play with. This helps us to complete a baseline tracker assessment on your child. It is important that we work with parents so this process can be completed collaboratively and we can discuss any concerns that you may have. Therefore, we ask you to fill in an “All about me” form at the start of your child’s journey with us. When your child joins us we are very happy for them to bring in a comforter i.e. dummy or a teddy if you feel it is necessary.
Additionally, you can call us during the day to see how your child is.



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11 July, 2014


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20 February, 2014

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